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What we do

Websites used to be personal. There was a time when everybody with a website was able to add their unique signature to it. The web was as much an experience as it was an endless expanse of information. Surfers used to tell their friends about all the "cool" sites and if your site was good, word spread on it's own.

Then something happened.

Web developers started worrying more about the latest trends, cheap gimmicks and simply impressing each other over the important things... like personality and voice. So much of web development became buzzwords and hype which somehow eclipsed charisma and connection.

Users really want a great experience that connects with them. Peppernet is working to bring that back. We want everyone to have a great website. We love beautiful designs that are functional, deliver a clear message, and - most importantly - show surfers what makes your company unique. We believe a great design matched with strong, semantic coding can make your website stand out from the competition. We enjoy developing interesting and useful User Interfaces using progressively enhanced JavaScript and jQuery. And because surfers are now browsing on all sorts of devices, all of our websites are "mobile-ready" as part of our standard delivery package.

Whether you need a group of experienced web developers to guide the direction of your website, want a new skin for an existing site, or you're looking to bring something new and unique to the web, Peppernet can help. Drop us a line and tell us about your vision. We'd love for it to become our next great web project.

What we do

Peppernet is made up of a select team who love building websites that are both beautiful and functional. We embrace the ever-changing nature of the web. In fact, we strive to lead it.

Our team, over the years, has worked to design and develop web experiences for clients such as: Toys 'R' Us, MLB, Radio Shack, Ace Hardware, Yellowbook, GNC, PBS, and Levi's among many others.

As part of our mission, Peppernet wants to bring the caliber of website that's usually available only to large corporations with larger-than-life budgets to your business' website.

We start by creating a design that captures the personality of your business. Then we construct a website with modern, semantic markup and standards-based CSS. We add interaction to improve user experience and to help define the uniqueness of the site. Finally, we verify the site in all major browsers - including smart phones and tablets.

And we do all of this for a price that's surprisingly affordable.

See what Peppernet can do for your next website.

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